When fingerprint drivers on Windows Update turn evil!

A few days ago. Microsoft released an update driver to the AuthenTec In. AES2501A fingerprint reader. There is no Knowledge Base article for this release but it appeared in my Windows Update list as an optional update.
Since I believe it is always important to update to the latest drivers for particular reasons (firmware updates, bug fixes, etc), I decided to let Windows install the driver automatically without much thought.
However, when I rebooted my machine and used my fingerprint to log on, the usual HP Credential Manager failed to respond! Alas, I decided to clean the fingerprint reader several times and still there was no response. So it was time to go circa-2007 by typing in my password *manually* to log into Windows Vista.
The culprit: AuthenTec Inc’s updated driver!
For some bizarre reason, the HP Credential Manager doesn’t recognise the fingerprint reader after the driver is installed. In fact, the program reverts all the security login options to ‘Password Only’.
The workaround was to use the ‘Roll Back Driver’ option in Device Manager even though the device was reporting itself as working properly. It’s all good now. HP’s Credential Manager is alive once again and biometric authentication lives on. 🙂
Time to send a few words to the WHDC Team!
Posted by: Eric Lam
Location: Canberra/Australia
Category: Microsoft Technologies
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One Response to When fingerprint drivers on Windows Update turn evil!

  1. ming says:

    Please tell me your driver version download from Microsoft and the old driver number.  I’ll investigate this isssue.

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