Commentary: Free Wi-Fi @ UNSW

In the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Asher Moses wrote an interesting article about ‘Free uni wi-fi swamped with illegal downloads’ []
From my very own experience of using the free Wi-Fi service back in 2001, I have always been under the impression that more needs to be done to govern the use of UNSW facilities. One of the loopholes which existed back then in the 30MB daily quota was that students can start downloads using an accelerator such as GoZilla and let it run uninterrupted until they are detected by the network admins. It therefore did not come to me as a surprise for a certain student to download 7GB in a day.
UNSW obviously puts a lot of trust in students when it comes to providing a free service but there’s got to be a fine balance between trust and reality.
For more information about the University of NSW, please visit []
Posted by: Eric Lam
Location: Canberra/Australia
Category: News and politics
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