Windows SharePoint Services Add-in for Windows Essential Business Server – Version 6.0


The Windows SharePoint Services Add-In provides a dashboard view of all Windows SharePoint Services sites hosted by the Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Management Server. Sites based on Windows SharePoint Services, take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration that make it possible for users to work together on documents, tasks, and events, and make it easier for them to share contacts and other information.

This add-in allows administrators the ability to see a consolidated view of information about each site. This information is normally scattered across multiple Windows SharePoint Services Administration pages (like quota sizes, site collection information, administrator/contributor/visitor groups and members). Additionally, the add-in also allows administrators to manage permissions to the sites using Active Directory and smart wizards to create sites and site collections.

The installation package performs the following tasks:
1. Installs Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 on the Management Server.
Note: The add-in can administer only the Windows SharePoint Services sites that are hosted on the Management Server. It cannot administer sites that are hosted on other servers. However, you can continue to use Windows SharePoint Services on those servers, or you can migrate your existing data so that it is managed from the Management Server.

2. Gives you the option to store the Windows SharePoint Services data in a SQL Server database.
Note: It is highly recommended that you use SQL Server to store the data. This helps with data management and back-up. SQL Server is included in the Windows EBS Premium. You should install SQL Server before you install Windows SharePoint Services.
3. Configures a Windows SharePoint Services Web URL using a name that you choose (for example, http://internalweb or http://companyweb).
4. Installs the Windows SharePoint Services Add-In on the Business Applications tab of the Windows EBS Administration Console. You can use the add-in to perform administrative tasks such as creating a new site collection and managing permissions for the site.
5. Configures the Windows SharePoint Services Web URL in Windows EBS Remote Web Workplace allowing you to securely access the site from remote locations with internet access.

For more information and to download the Windows SharePoint Services Add-in for Windows Essential Business Server – Version 6.0, please visit []
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