Blogs Free Period

There will be a blog free period from 1st November to 12th November 2008. Please check back on 12th November 2008 for the latest blog entries on The Official Blog of Eric Lam.
The Official Blog of Eric Lam
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– Australia’s 3rd Top Technology Blogger –
(Source: Microsoft Pty Ltd – August 2006)
Stay tuned for more information as it arrives…
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Posted by: Eric Lam
Location: Sydney/Australia
Category: Computers and Internet
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One Response to Blogs Free Period

  1. Y says:

    Dear Mr. Lam,This is Yuduo Zhou. We just had a really pleasant talking. Thank you so much for interviewing me. I appreciate it very much.Actually, I haven’t used C for a long time. I’m using C# and Java a lot now. So I made some stupid mistakes during the interview. I thought the question over, now I give you the better solution following this email.Warm regards!Yuduo Zhouchar *input;char *output;int i;int j;i = 0;j = 0;while (input[i] != ”){    if (input[i] !=’ ‘)     {        output[j] = input[i];        j++;      }    else if (input[i] == ‘0’ )    {       strcat(output, "%%20");       j += 4;     }}

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