Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio April 2009 CTP


The Live Framework Tools significantly decrease the time it takes to develop Mesh-enabled Web Applications in Visual Studio 2008.

The Live Framework Tools include:

  • Project templates for creating DHTML Mesh-enabled Web Applications and C# or VB Silverlight Mesh-enabled Web Applications
  • Building and packaging of Mesh-enabled Web Applications for deployment
  • Launching and debugging Mesh-enabled Web Applications hosted in the Live Desktop
  • IntelliSense completion for Live Framework assemblies and JavaScript files

The Live Framework Tools April CTP release includes several updates:

  • Installation of the Silverlight Tools, Live Framework SDK, and Live Framework Tools is accessed through a single installer.
  • Error messages and diagnostics have been improved. In most error situations when the server returns a failure code more information can be located in the application event log
  • A set of C# Code Snippets for accessing common Live Framework tasks are now accessible through the standard snippet mechanism. To see the available snippets right-click in a .cs file and select “insert snippet.”

This release also contains the cumulative updates from the January CTP:

  • Debugging or running a Mesh-enabled Web Application which contains no changes from previous versions immediately launches the application instead of re-uploading the files.
  • Mesh-enabled Web Applications created by the Live Framework Tools now have identical offers to those created through the Azure Services Developer Portal, which are generally less restrictive. This change removes the need for the workaround mentioned in this thread.
  • Projects created by the Live Framework Tools may now contain periods fixing the issue reported in this bug.
  • Changes to the application’s logo.png file will now be reflected in the icon that appears on the Live Desktop fixing the issue reported in this thread.

For more information and to download the Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio April 2009 CTP, please visit []
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