Digital Literacy: Case Studies


Learn how governments and organizations are using Microsoft Digital Literacy to build essential computing skills access all over the world. From schools to workforce development centers to community technology learning centers, Microsoft Digital Literacy is helping individuals develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Impacting Social Change Through Access to Computing Skills
In the twenty-first century knowledge economy, access to essential technology and computing skills is an important predictor of life opportunities. This white paper explores current technology drivers—including global Internet access, Web 2.0 technologies, and ubiquitous computing—and how the essential computing skills curriculum offered by Microsoft Digital Literacy has affected individuals in different geographies and socioeconomic circumstances all over the world.

Microsoft Digital Literacy Inspires High School Girls at DigiGirlz Dubai
The Gulf Region’s first ever DigiGirlz Day introduced more than 200 high school girls to technology career opportunities in hopes of reducing the UAE gender gap in information technology (IT). The girls participated in technology workshops and panels, met with Microsoft employees, learned about new technologies, and had the opportunity to take the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate Test on site.

Texas Offenders Acquire Technical Skills and Renewed Hope for the Future
The Wynne Computer Recovery Program provides offenders in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with technical computing skills, which they use to refurbish computers for Texas schools. In 2008, the program trained 45 computer technicians, and these offenders refurbished 3.3 million pounds of computer equipment, achieving 45 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) credentials along the way. To date, the Wynne Computer Recovery Program has delivered over 23,000 computers at a $12M fair market value (FMV) to Texas school districts.

Integrating Microsoft Digital Literacy Enables Law Enforcement Education
In the last decade, using computers to teach traditional classroom topics has revolutionized the teaching profession. Today, an increasing number of vocational fields are also starting to benefit. In Sacramento, California, a program is helping veteran trainers in vocational fields like law enforcement and fire science bring technology to their non-traditional students.

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