Microsoft MultiPoint Software Development Kit (SDK) – Version 1.1


The Microsoft® MultiPoint™ SDK version 1.1 is a development framework that allows developers to build applications that enable up to 250 individual mouse devices to work simultaneously on one computer. As a developer, you can use the MultiPoint SDK to create educational applications that take advantage of collaborative learning methodologies. In schools with minimum infrastructure, MultiPoint greatly enhances the shared computing experience. Initial pilot programs conducted in India by Microsoft Research show that for certain subjects, MultiPoint can enhance learning when compared to a 1:1 computing scenario.

MultiPoint should not be confused with applications that allow multiple people to control multiple mouse devices to perform standard operations. In those cases, the system traditionally cannot identify which mouse has made which changes, and there is normally no option for controlling the permissions of the various devices. MultiPoint is a development framework that enables developers to build applications to take advantage of multiple mouse devices, including the ability to handle mouse clicks from different users independently and to assign different permissions to each mouse. For example, the mouse belonging to a teacher in a learning application might need additional permissions to control the activity).

For more information and to download the Microsoft MultiPoint Software Development Kit (SDK) – Version 1.1, please visit []
Posted by: Eric Lam
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