Office Document: TIFF Format Guidance – Verion 1209


This download contains a document and code sample to provide guidance about custom tags that Microsoft® Office Document Imaging (MODI) software may write into the TIFF files it generates. The easiest way to understand the properties that MODI can store in tag 37680 and how to read the properties is to examine the provided sample source code. The sample code makes use of tMicrosoft Windows® APIs to extract the data from the file into memory and map a PropertySet object interface onto it. Developers who want to read this OLE property set storage on platforms other than Windows can use the previously mentioned specifications to write their own APIs that perform equivalent functions.
For more information and to download the Office Document: TIFF Format Guidance – Verion 1209, please visit []
Posted by: Eric Lam
Location: Canberra/Australia
Category: Microsoft Technologies
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